Why Buy When You Can Rehome?

Rehoming can be a better way to get a new horse, offering many advantages over buying. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider rehoming a horse:

1) You know exactly what you are getting.
All of our horses are fully MOT'd and come with health records, microchip and passport. You also get a frank and fair assessment of the ability and temperament of the horse -and any quirks it may have. The value of this honest appraisal and the resulting peace of mind will not be lost on anyone who has bought a horse from a disreputable market or dealer. And if the horse is not what you expected, you can return it to us.

2) Our horses come with a safety net
We rehome a horse for life, and want the horse to stay with you for as long as it lives. But in these uncertain times, it's very reassuring to know that you can return the horse to us if your circumstances change, or if your child has outgrown it. No one knows what is around the corner, so it can save you a great deal of heartache if you've got a safety net in place.

3) The feel-good factor of transforming the life of a horse
One thing our rehomers all agree on is that rehoming a horse is an immensely rewarding experience. From the moment you welcome him, you have the good feeling of knowing you are giving that horse a much better life than he's probably ever had before coming to World Horse Welfare. Often we hear that carers have developed a much stronger bond with their rescue horse than with their other horses because they have been able to show the animal how to trust again. This 'feel-good' factor stays with you every day, all year 'round.

4) Rehoming one horse helps another horse.. and another .. and another ....
When you take in a rescue horse, you help other horses by making space at our rescue centres. There are always needy horses waiting to get into our centres, but recently we have only been able to take in the most serious welfare cases because our farms are full to capacity. So we need to free up space by rehoming the horses who have recovered. In choosing to rehome a horse, you become a key part in the vital circle that allows one horse after another to get the care they need.

5) A lifetime of advice and support
An expert horse advisor who makes house calls! When you rehome one of our horses, you have the full breadth of our 80 years' of horse expertise at your disposal. You can call our advice line to get answers to specific questions, and twice per year your local World horse Welfare Officer will visit you and your horse to help you with any support or advice you may need - or simply to say 'hello'.

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Dame Judi Dench – Photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci

"This age of disposable things should not apply to animals. If anyone can take a horse, or knows someone who can, please consider rehoming a horse from World Horse Welfare." Dame Judi Dench

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