Our rehomers have some wonderful stories to tell of just how much joy their World Horse Welfare horse or pony has given them, so we wanted to share some of these lovely stories with you...

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Cappuccino fought death to be named our Rehomed Horse of the Year in 2016


Xantha is having the time of her life as a driving pony.


Hercules and Alison beat the odds.

Robbie and Tony

Robbie and Tony are the ultimate family ponies.


Tiggy has an incredible partnership and a bright future with Kaylee


Little Lion

Little Lion and his chums were the stars of the Royal Norfolk Show in 2016.


Horse of the Week


Native, Mare
Glenda Spooner Farm - Somerset

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Totts is looking for a non ridden companion home with someone looking not only for an equine friend ...view profile >>

Dame Judi Dench – Photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci

"This age of disposable things should not apply to animals. If anyone can take a horse, or knows someone who can, please consider rehoming a horse from World Horse Welfare." Dame Judi Dench

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