Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions of our Rehoming Scheme

The following terms and conditions make up the Rehoming (Loan) Agreement which all rehomers must sign when rehoming a horse. You must agree to these in principle before you can apply for the horses currently available.

World Horse Welfare

  1. World Horse Welfare or their representative has the right to visit and inspect the equine described at any time.
  2. World Horse Welfare has the right to remove the equine at any time without notice should a World Horse Welfare representative deem it to be in the best interests of either the equine or World Horse Welfare.
  3. World Horse Welfare may remove the equine at any time without notice if the terms of the Loan Agreement are broken.



  1. The rehomer will give World Horse Welfare Head Office at least two weeks’ notice in writing of any intended change in address at which the equine is to be kept and will refrain from moving the equine until authorisation has been given by the Field Officer. Rehomers are not permitted to take World Horse Welfare equines permanently out of the UK.
  2. The rehomer will be responsible for all costs relating to the equine for the duration of the loan.
  3. The rehomer will be responsible for all transport costs and arrangements including the collection and return of the equine to a World Horse Welfare Centre.
  4. The rehomer shall indemnify World Horse Welfare and its servants against any claim for injury or damage caused by the equine and will be responsible for providing a minimum of third party insurance cover through the World Horse Welfare ChampionPlus membership.
  5. The rehomer must be a ChampionPlus member of World Horse Welfare for the duration of the time the horse is in their care.
  6. The rehomer has agreed to rehome the equine and has taken into consideration all known problems related to the equine as listed on this agreement.
  7. In the event of an equine being returned to a World Horse Welfare Rescue and Rehoming Centre, the rehomer will return all paperwork relating to that animal, including its passport.
  8. In the event that the rehomer wishes to return the equine, at least four weeks' written notice shall be given to World Horse Welfare Head Office.
  9. In the event of an equine being returned to World Horse Welfare, the rehomer will lose all contact with the equine. 



  1. The equine always remains the property of World Horse Welfare.
  2. The rehomer will consult a qualified veterinary surgeon in every case of sickness, accident, disability or disease, strictly follow their advice and record details on the page provided. ALL veterinary fees so incurred will be the responsibility of the rehomer.
  3. An appropriate worming programme is followed, the equine is wormed as required and the details recorded on the page provided.
  4. The equine’s vaccinations for ‘flu and tetanus are kept up-to-date and the passport correctly amended and signed by the administering veterinary surgeon.
  5. The equine’s feet are trimmed and/or shod as required by a qualified farrier registered with the Farrier’s Registration Council and the details recorded on the page provided.
  6. In the event that a veterinary surgeon recommends euthanasia, or in an emergency, the equine shall be humanely destroyed either by a veterinary surgeon or a licensed knacker. The rehomer shall be responsible for completing a Notification of Death/Euthanasia form and returning it to World Horse Welfare Head Office within 5 working days of the animal’s death along with the passport. All costs incurred are the responsibility of the rehomer.
  7. The equine will only be used for the purpose stated on the agreement.
  8. The equine will not be used for breeding.
  9. The equine will not be used for any commercial purpose (e.g. riding lessons, working livery, hire, etc.) or otherwise let out of the rehomer’s possession without World Horse Welfare’s written consent.
  10. World Horse Welfare does not give any warranty as to the fitness of the equine for any purpose.

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