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Take a look at some of our horses 'in progress' who we are preparing for rehoming.

Once these lovely horses and ponies are ready to find loving new homes of their own, we will post their details on our rehoming pages where you can apply for them online. 

Our intention is for all of these horses to enter our rehoming scheme, but by nature life is unpredictable. We cannot therefore guarantee when, if, or for what purpose these horses and ponies will become available for rehoming - it will all depend on how their rehabilitation progresses.

If you have questions about any of the horses and ponies featured below, please do not contact us now but wait until they appear on our rehoming pages as we will be able to give you answers then.



 Disney is a stunning 13.3HH, 7-year-old piebald cob that has been brought into work at Belwade Farm. He has the most amazing mane and feathers and he definitely knows how handsome he is! He is currently enjoying long reining around the farm tracks and we think he is going to make a brilliant driving pony with further training. We hope that Disney will be available for rehoming as a driving pony in the future.



Rhubarb is a pretty skewbald 13.1HH mare that has started the backing process at Belwade Farm. She came in as part of a welfare group and was a little worried when she arrived. Rhubarb has grown in confidence with regular handling and is now enjoying long reining around the farm. We hope that she will make a lovely ridden pony in the future.


Malibu is a cheeky cob that has just been backed to ride at Belwade Farm. She is 13.1HH and five years old. Malibu might be a small cob, but she has a massive personality and is always keeping her groom entertained. She has taken to ridden work well and we hope that she will be rehomed as a child’s riding pony.


Lady is a sweet natured 13.3HH, four-year-old cob mare that is currently being backed to ride at Belwade Farm. She has taken to work well and has a brilliant temperament; we hope that she will be available for rehoming as an all-round ridden pony in the future.

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Cob, Mare
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Dame Judi Dench – Photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci

"This age of disposable things should not apply to animals. If anyone can take a horse, or knows someone who can, please consider rehoming a horse from World Horse Welfare." Dame Judi Dench

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