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Sherry is pretty little mare with a sweet nature who is being rehomed as a non ridden companion. She is a sensitive soul who can be a little shy at first but she soon learns to trust and she then becomes a very affectionate pony. She is very good to catch. Sherry is much happier in a regular routine with a calm handler to give her confidence. She will mix well with other ponies. Sherry requires restricted grazing to prevent obesity.


Sherry is a sweet, sensitive soul who benefits from a regular routine. She will look to her handler for confidence and she is generally polite and well mannered.


Sherry formed part of a large welfare concern in 2013. She was successfully rehomed for many years only returning in October 2019.


Use Location Age Height
Companion Glenda Spooner Farm 14 13.1hh

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Additional Details:

BreedWelsh Cross
ColourBay Roan
Stabling/ShelterCan live out all year with Shelter
Bedding RequiredStraw or shavings
To Catch in the FieldGood
Turn OutWill Mix With Mares
Hay/FeedHay during the Winter
FeetUnshod, good to trim
RugsDoesn't need a rug
Loan Fee(£)20

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