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Spot is a pretty 4 year old pony looking for an experienced home where she can be trained to drive. Unfortunately, Spot has not been blessed with the best conformation; she is croup high and the shape of her back makes it impossible to fit a saddle comfortably so she will never be able to be backed to ride. Spot is long reining confidently in harness, she is ready now to move on to the next stages. She really enjoys her work and has the potential to make a great pony for someone who would enjoy training a youngster and driving for pleasure. Spot is a friendly pony who adores attention. She is good to handle in all ways. In the field she is very social and gets on well with other horses. Spot lives out all year round, she does gain weight easily so will need to be managed through diet and exercise.


Spot is a very friendly pony who adores attentions. She can be stubborn and will need consistent training to ensure that she remains well mannered.


Spot arrived at Belwade Farm as a yearling. She was part of a welfare case that was investigated by the RSPCA, before being transferred to the care of World Horse Welfare.


Use Location Age Height
Driving Belwade Farm 6 13.2hh

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Additional Details:

Stabling/ShelterCan live out all year with Shelter
Bedding RequiredStraw or Shavings
To Catch in the FieldExcellent
Turn OutWill mix with Mares & Geldings
Hay/FeedHay during the Winter
FeetUnshod, Good to Trim
RugsDoesn't need a rug
Loan Fee(£)50

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