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Little Ginger or Ginge as he is known here at the farm is a cracking wee gelding that is ready to be rehomed as a project pony. Ginge did not have the best start in life and has not ben treated well in the past. Despite his past he is a very friendly and affectionate pony that loves attention. He can be quite cheeky on occasions and likes to look for treats as he is always thinking about his tummy! Ginge is looking for a home with an experienced person to bring him on with the view of him being a child’s second pony. He is currently lunging and long reining in tack and has taken it all in his stride. Ginge has had a dummy rider on board and he was not fazed in the slightest. He has the odd spook but is never silly and only rushes forward a few steps. Ginge is at the stage where he is ready for a little rider, but we do not have anyone small enough to back him. If he is backed to ride, he will have a combined saddle and rider weight limit of 43kg. He has such a lovely nature and we think a child would love him to bits. Ginge is a typical tubby pony and gains weight easily so will need a home with restricted grazing. If Ginge was given time to settle into a new home, he may be suitable to be left alone for short periods of time whilst his field mates were ridden. He does wind suck on occasions, but we have never seen him crib biting. If you think you could offer Ginge a brilliant new home with his future little jockey, please apply online.


Ginge is an affectionate and friendly gelding that should make an excellent child's pony.


Little Ginger came into World Horse Welfare care after he was removed from Appleby Horse Fair in 2018. He had been found suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and hyperthermia.


Use Location Age Height
Project Horse and Pony Belwade Farm 9 12.0hh

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Additional Details:

Use:Project Horse and Pony
Stabling/ShelterCan live out all year with shelter
Bedding RequiredStraw or shavings
To Catch in the FieldExcellent
Turn OutWill mix with mares & geldings
Hay/FeedHay during the winter
FeetUnshod, good to trim
RugsDoesn't need a rug
VicesWind sucks
Loan Fee(£)100

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