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Blossom is now looking for a home as a project pony. She is a blank canvas for someone to take on as a potential ride or drive pony in the future. For now, she could settle into a new routine, start in hand and work up to ground work and a strengthening program when old enough. We would be looking for a home for Blossom with someone who has good knowledge and experience of bringing on youngsters, on the ground as well as under saddle. She is lovely to handle but still needs things explaining to her at times as it is all fairly new to her. Blossom has mild sweet itch which is easily managed with a good daily routine and she can still live out 24/7. She will need restricted grazing to control her weight so to live with others on the same management would be ideal. Please be aware that Blossom will have a future rider weight limit of 9 stone.


Very sweet.


Blossom came in to our care in July 2019. She had not much handling but despite this, was very curious and interested in goings on around her.


Use Location Age Height
Project Horse and Pony Glenda Spooner Farm 4 13.2hh

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Additional Details:

Use:Project Horse and Pony
Stabling/ShelterCan live out all year with shelter
Bedding RequiredStraw or shavings
To Catch in the FieldExcellent
Turn OutWill Mix With Mares
FeetUnshod, good to trim
RugsSweet itch rug in spring/summer
AilmentsMild sweet itch
Loan Fee(£)50

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