We rehome more horses than any other horse charity in the UK, with more than 300 horses rehomed in 2014 and around 1,600 in homes across the UK at any one time.

Our horses are rehomed from our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres, which are located at Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire, Penny Farm in Lancashire, Hall Farm in Norfolk and Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset. Applicants should be prepared to visit the centre of their chosen horse (some exceptions can be made in the case of companion horses).

If you have chosen a ridden horse, you will need to have a riding assessment before you can rehome the horse. The rehoming process usually takes less than a month, but in the case of some ridden horses it may be necessary to meet the horse on several occasions before the rehoming is agreed.

The rehomer is responsible for meeting the costs of transporting the horse to its new home, but in the case of companions we may be able to offer some flexibility.

Once a horse comes into our care, we retain ownership of that horse for the rest of its life in order to permanently guarantee its welfare. We ideally look for long-term homes for all our horses but, naturally, personal circumstances change and riders outgrow ponies or move on. Should the circumstances of a rehomer change we will always be happy for the horse to be returned to one of our centres, although we do ask for at least one month's notice of any return.

As a general rule, we will not rehome to a location where there are no other horses as they are social animals who are most comfortable in the company of other horses.



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Cob, Gelding
Belwade Farm - Aberdeenshire

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Bombay is a very handsome gelding that is ready for rehoming as a companion. He came into Belwade ...view profile >>

Dame Judi Dench – Photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci

"This age of disposable things should not apply to animals. If anyone can take a horse, or knows someone who can, please consider rehoming a horse from World Horse Welfare." Dame Judi Dench

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