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Our Glenda Spooner Farm adoption horse, May, is ready to be rehomed! May is hugely popular at the farm and is standing down from her role as adoption horse as she has now completed her rehabilitation. She is available to be rehomed as a hack and is looking forward to spending many happy days in the countryside with a new rehomer. May has been quietly hacking around the farm, alone and in company, and has also hacked around our local village. We are looking for a quiet, competent rider who would like to hack out a few times per week. May is not be suitable for any school work or jumping, but would enjoy pleasure rides as she is very good to load and travel. May is excellent to handle and is not fazed by much. She has lived out with both mares and geldings at the farm and while she does prefer to live out, she will spend time in the stable if needed. If stabled, she will need to be kept on shavings and not straw to prevent mite irritation. Her grazing will need to be restricted to prevent obesity and laminitis as she is prone to weight gain. May has old scarring from leg mites and to prevent sores forming on her heels and at the back of her knees, her legs need to be clipped every 2-3 weeks. Therefore, anyone wishing to rehome May must be confident and competent at clipping. She also needs to have a set of shoes on and must see the farrier every 6 weeks. This special mare deserves to find a forever home where she can be loved and pampered. We would be delighted to find her a place where she will be able to start a new journey with her rehomer and build new bonds with other horses. Please be aware that May has a rider weight limit of 10.5 stone.


She has an excellent temperament.


When May arrived at Glenda Spooner Farm in 2014, she was extremely thin, with a body condition score of 0.5, was riddled with lice and suffering from rain scald along her back. May became our adoption horse at the farm and is now ready to rehome as a hack.


Use Location Age Height
Hack Glenda Spooner Farm 11 13.3hh

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Additional Details:

Stabling/ShelterCan live out all year with shelter
Bedding RequiredShavings
To Catch in the FieldExcellent
Turn OutWill mix with mares & geldings
Hay/FeedHay during the winter
FeetShod all round
RugsDoesn't need a rug
Loan Fee(£)100

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