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PROJECT HORSES ARE LONG TERM COMMITMENTS REQUIRING EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE HOMES. Henry is an extremely handsome young man who stands out from the crowd. He is a sociable character who gets on well with his herd and is a natural leader; he likes to keep the others in order, but he is never nasty to them. Henry arrived at Hall Farm completely unhandled and it took a long time for us to gain his trust. He is quick to learn and is a real poppet with those he knows, although Henry is still very much work in progress and he needs an experienced handler who wants to spend time with him and who will be able to continue his education. Henry has a lot of catching up to do but he is such an affectionate, respectful pony he will make a rewarding project for somebody who enjoys ground handling. Henry will not be suitable to back to ride, but he will make a lovely non-ridden companion.


Henry was part of a large welfare concern. Over 50 horses were running wild on approximately 140 acres of unfenced land. They were unhandled and breeding indiscriminately.


Use Location Age Height
Project Horse and Pony Hall Farm 6 14.1hh

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Use:Project Horse and Pony
Stabling/ShelterCan live out all year with shelter
To Catch in the FieldGood
Hay/FeedHay during the winter
RugsDoesn't need a rug
Loan Fee(£)20

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